Your Weight Loss Calendar

You should get a calendar (like the one in the picture) that you can keep at your office or at home, however it’s more comfortable for you. On the calendar you will make easy notes that are tracking your evolution in a very easy way. For that you need 2 markers: red and green. At the end of each day, before getting into bed, mark your day with green if you’ve had a clean day (that means if you respected the targets you have) or with red if you had otherwise. For example, if during the day you ate an ice-creme or you drank a coke, then it’s considered a red day. You have to know that you don’t have to share this calendar with others, it can be your personal weight-loss diary.

It may seem a little bit trivial, because it’s a very basic journal, but it’s efficient and you musn’t forget that it’s better to keep it to yourself. That’s because we have the tendency to trick ourselves and we always find excuses for everything we do not succeed in. This kind of journal can help you see clearly how you really are in the present. Trust me, it’s very easy to keep it. If you have any doubts, for example why in the last month you couldn’t lose one single pound, you only have to look at you calendar and if you see half of the month red, it’s pretty easy to know why.

Take the example in the picture, at the first glance, it’s obvious that I have a problem on weekends. It’s that time when all is more tempting, when I break the rules that I’ve set for myself. Another plus of this type of diary is that, when you want to cheat, it will probably be at night and then you could take a look at the calendar and when you see that you have 10 green days behind I bet you will think twice before you eat something that will surely fuck-up your current day. This is why I prefer this type of calendar over a phone journal for example. The feeling you have when you mark your day in green, it’s priceless!

In the end it doesn’t matter in what form comes the diary as long as you understand that you have to be honest with yourself. This is the main purpose of keeping this weight loss calendar.

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