You Can’t Out-Exercise A Bad Diet

Unless you’re a professional athlete. Which you’re not. At least the vast moajority of us aren’t. Then why do people first think at exercising when they wanna get fit? Well, it’s a combination of factors deeply rooted in our social consciousness. The most important external factor is the association of losing weight only with some sort of exercising – implanted in our heads by the mass-media. And of course there is also our human nature that blames the current situation not on something wrong that we do – a bad diet – but rather on something good, that we don’t do enough – exercising. I’m not telling you that exercising is not helping you get in shape but, rather that, for a sedentary person, it complements a good diet.


So, as a person with a normal life who wants to lose weight you always need to have your priorities set: first of all pay attention to your CALORIES IN to keep them lower than CALORIES OUT – like in the picture above. Then, if you exercise on a regular basis, your CALORIES OUT will be higher which means you also have to increase your CALORIES IN proportionally – like in the picture below.


Now if we take the typical case where you prioritize exercising instead of nutrition, you’ll most probably end-up with a situation as seen below, where your workouts can’t over-compensate your calories gained from over-eating. Why over-eating? Because you think that since you exercise, you’re entitled to eat more to compensate, without actually knowing how much more exactly. This is the trap lots of people fall into.


Belive it or not this is the whole weight loss theory. Simple as that.

Of course that, in order to do things correctly, you have to find out how much is your daily CALORIES OUT figure, so you can then settle your daily CALORIES IN between 75% and 95% of your daily CALORIES OUT. Luckily, we live in times filled with technology and help at any corner so it’s easy to figure out these things with the help of web services or mobile apps like MyFitnessPal.

More details about how to calculate your calories intake and consumption and more important, when it’s the right time to do this, in a future post.

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