The Eating Staircase

Whenever I hear people talking about eating and their concerns related to this field I cannot stop thinking about my “Eating Staircase” theory. Each and everyone of us is situated more or less on a certain stair on the Eating Staircase (as sketched in the picture below).Eating Staircase

For me it seems absolutely useless to worry about how many antibiotics your chicken breast has while you’re on the Sugar or Flour steps on the staircase (drinking Coke or eating pies & pastries). Indeed, it’s absolutely great to eat organic grown chicken and all that stuff, if you’re on the second-last step on the staircase and you already resolved the steps below. So think a little when you make your eating choices: better to climb up a step by giving up on something unhealthy than to worry about how “harmful” the supermarket veggies are. The attached picture is just a simple example, the reality being a little more complex. I will make future posts explaining my Eating Staircase in detail.

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