About Quick Diet Plans

I’m very annoyed when I hear people talking about qiuck and easy ways to lose weight or about how they discovered a new wonder diet. That’s because, when you say “diet” you’re referring to a weight-loss method stretched on a given amount of time¬†and NOT to a way of eating. Which is bullshit and here’s why:

Our body is a very adaptable piece of machinery. This means that as you deprive it of enough food for a medium to long period of time, it tunes itself to extract the most amount of nutrients from what it gets from you. So, as time goes by, your diet effects will decrease constantly. A good example for this are the people who eat a very small amount of food but still don’t drop in weight, maybe even getting fatter as a direct effect.

The psychological factor

If the diet is too extreme you’ll feel the need to reward yourself. Now, if you do it during the dieting period, the small reward goes directly into your body’s reserves given the fact he’s already in a state of alert. Who the hell knows when you’re gonna feed him again…If you reward yourself at the end of your diet, the same effect applies. The so called “Boomerang effect” in which people get fatter after dieting than when they’ve started does exactly what I described here. Just think about the mental state you’ll get into in a situation like this.

That’s why from now on I don’t want you to give anymore credit to any wonder diet. Whatever it promises, I promise you that’s not the strategy to follow. The best example that comes to my my mind is myself. I only started having real, consistent results once I gave up this shit for good. And I’m gonna give you the alternative choice also.

The first thing you need to do is to stop thinking about your diet like it only lasts a given amount of time in which you’ll do all sorts of sacrifices. Instead, think that you’ll progressively start exchanging the bad habits you’ve got with better ones. And this is the real advantage of this strategy: As you progress your way into a healthier nutrition, you’ll start being more and more satisfied with yourself and you won’t think about what you’re doing as “dieting”.

One more thing: when I say “progressively” I’m referring to a time span long enough so that the changes that you make in your nutrition seem natural, not forced. This is the only way to prepare your body for a new state, one of normality, not stress. Moreover, the good habits will stick with you forever. Your body & mind will help you do this.

So next time someone asks if you’re “on a diet” you can say: “no, just changing my eating habits with healthier ones!”.

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