Program Preparation

Simple program. Easy to follow. All resources and information are here. All you have to do is just follow and witness your transformation.

  1. Evaluate your fitness level. There are lots of degrees of being overweight. 3 main levels: A, B and C
  2. The program for one level lasts for at least 5 months. 150 days, split in 10 cycles of 15 days.
  3. Each cycle brings a little change compared to the previous one.
  4. Each cycle day has a dedicated page with all the information you need in terms of eating and exercising.
  5. You only advance through the next cycle if, at the end of the current cycle, you successfully complete the rules for that cycle.
  6. After completing the program’s 10 cycles, reevaluate your fitness level. If you didn’t advance on the next fitness level, continue repeating cycle 10 until your level advances.
  7. The moment you pass level C, you can consider yourself as being fit.
  8. We consider a regular day, one where you go to the office and spend your night as usual. We treat other days as special days and you have instructions on how to successfully go trough them. Special days: home-office, weekend, vacation, party day, celebration day, holiday, travel day.

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