My Daily Eating Routine

Lots of you asked me how to deal with your meals away from home since most of us are not home for around 10 hours of a day. I’ll show you my daily eating routine and maybe I can also inspire you in organizing yours. From the start I tell you that it’s unlikely to work if you don’t want to make at least the simplest routine but most of us have one tailored around work and/or family.

After lots of experiments with the best number of daily meals I found that the classical 3 meals/day suits me better than any other. Less than 3 meant too much time in between meals and more than 3 involved too much planning and discipline for me. 3 meals/ day also fits with most people’s eating schedule so you can also enjoy their company without any additional effort.

Since I leave for work around 8:45 AM and get back home around 8:30 PM I only need to take care of one away meal/day. Which is my lunch.

So I wake up around 8:00 AM and I go straight in the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I usually make a nutritious shake which I can also serve ”to go” if I’m in a hurry, and drink it on my way to the office. After work, I usually head to the gym or to another kind of sport. I also like table tennis, cycling or swimming. This happens around 4 days/week but somehow I also get home after 8:00 PM in my off sports days. So around that time I’ll prepare my dinner.

But I find that people who start paying attention to eating healthier handle home meals just fine. The problem they have is with their away from home meals. So I decided to share with you my away meals here, on my blog, and also on my social channels. Best way? Picture or didn’t happen 🙂

Please leave a comment below for anything related to this subject. Opinions are welcomed 🙂

My lunch today:

  • Baked chicken breast covered in egg, oatmeal and seeds
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Walnuts
  • Kiwifruits

healthy lunch


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