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One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is about how hard you can keep your good shape after you get fit. I mean, this is one of the main goals of weight loss, isn’t it?

I got fit in 2009 and I don’t think that I’m doing extraordinary efforts to stay this way.

On this page, you can find regular updates on my exercising and eating activities, including cheats, skips and other mistakes that actually prove I’m human 😉

Do you think that I do big efforts to stay fit? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Bench Press
Triceps Dips
Shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
27.02 - 05.03.2017906080-
20.02 - 26.02.20178555906-75-13,53510
13.02 - 19.02.201707012,25308
23.01 - 29.01.201795-65100077,5-12,253512
16.01 - 22.01.201785659577,5-1112
09.01 - 15.01.2017855590070103512
19.12 - 25.12.201675105-6-77.5-12.2514-
12.12 - 18.12.201695-75105-677.5-12.2545-14-
28.11 - 04.12.201695-75105-677.51145-16-
21.11 - 27.11.20169575677.58.547.5-14
14.11 - 20.11.201695-75105-677.5-8.547.5-16-
07.11 - 13.11.201692,575102.56-758.5-4514
31.10 - 06.11.201675102.5-6-75-4514
24.10 - 30.10.201695-72.576.25-42.514-
17.10 - 23.10.201695-71.2576.25-4014-
10.10 - 16.10.201695-71.25-101.25-6-76.25-7.2547.5-14-
03.10 - 09.10.201692.5701006-756.2547.5-12
26.09 - 02.10.2016100-6-72.56.25-47.5-10
19.09 - 25.09.201692.5-70100-6-72.5-5458
12.09 - 18.09.201692.5-67.597.5-4-70
05.09 - 11.09.2016906597.5-0-70-545-8

Table explanation

Each column represents the exercises I do in the gym. The numbers are the weights I use in kg. The “-” sign near a number means I could not do the desired reps or sets in good form and without help. Therefore, next week I try the same weight as before until I have a good execution.

Each row represents a week. An empty space means I didn’t do that exercise in that week.

I try to workout 3 times / week. I don’t have specific workout days or exercises order. My goals is to do all the exercises within a week. I usually don’t workout during weekends. Even so, there are weeks when I don’t get to do 3 workouts, for various reasons.

I only do the exercises above. They are complex exercises, which work more muscle groups at once. I don’t use gym machines or other muscle isolation equipment. Just good old racks, benches, barbells and dumbbells. I track the weights I use because I try to increase them with the minimum additional weight possible, one week after another. Develop force and the body will adapt 😉

I have the following routine for all exercises:

5 warm-up sets with increasing weight and no pause in between.

  1. 50% of max weight X 10-14 reps
  2. 60% of max weight X 8 reps
  3. 75% of max weight X 4 reps
  4. 80% of max weight X 2 reps
  5. 90% of max weight X 1 rep

5 sets with max weight X 5 reps, 2 mins. pause in between.

I do 2-3 exercises / workout + 10-15 mins Tabata intervals at the end.

In my opinion, the above exercises are not enough to really be fit, even if they are enough to make you optically fit. Fit doesn’t mean just looks. Fit means having a strong body, a good immune system, good pulmonary capacity, high effort capacity and so on.

I also practice 3 more sports as much as my time & money allows me to. They’re a lot of fun and can be a real stress relief as well as a healthy way to socialize.

Mountain biking – from May to October. Involves a few weekends of cross-country getaways and participation at 4-6 yearly amateur cross-country competitions. A competition means 2-4 hours of high effort mountain biking on the hills & mountains.

Snowboarding – from December to March. I don’t live in a mountainous area so I have to drive at least a few hours to the nearest ski resort. I usually go one full week/season plus a few additional weekends.

Table tennis – all year round. I have a few friends with whom I practice this sport from time to time, all year round. I’d like to do it more often but I don’t have time as it falls back in priority after mountain biking and snowboarding.

Last but not least, a fit body means being constantly coupled with an active life, not just doing scheduled physical activity. Here’s how I stay active all day round:

  • I use elevators as rare exceptions (when I have to carry something that I can’t carry on my own, on the stairs
  • I walk daily
  • I use the bike to go around in the city
  • I try to stand ofter during office hours
  • Whenever there’s a need for some physical action around, I take it as a challenge


As I described in this post, I think the key not only to get fit but also to remain so, is to follow two main rules:

  1. Have a plan = be organized as much as you can
  2. Don’t get surprised = know what to do when you’re not following your plan

1. Plan

  • 3 meals / day.
  • 4th fruit snack before a high effort session – sometimes
  • at least half a gallon (2l) of water / day
  • no cheat days. Only cheat meals – for damage control
  • NO sugary foods or juices
  • Low-medium carb food
  • Good quality food; processed as little as possible
  • High protein intake
  • Low glicemic index foods

2. Recovery

  • After messing up, get back to the regular eating schedule as soon as possible
  • When going off track, choose one direction to do it (sweets, more food, juices) instead of all at once
  • Keep your eating schedule even if the food quality is lower than usual

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