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I was fat all of my childhood. If I were to think about my biggest problem in the first 23 years of my life, it's the fight with being overweight...TWICE! The first time I lost weight was back in high school, by fasting and due to hormones running around inside my body. Afterwards, in college,  I got up to 230 pounds (105 kg) and the known tricks for weight loss didn't seem to work for me anymore. For some months I tried different approaches from "specially designed" diets, to long running sessions of up to an hour, but the result after losing some pounds was me binging back to the same weight and even more. Truth being said, I felt really uncomfortable being fat even though I was like that for way more than being thin. I guess I never got used to it, never accepted it, always hoping I'll soon get on the right track and I'll get the body and the state of mind I had dreamt of and experienced for a little during high-school. I just needed to find the correct way to get fit for good.

Since I couldn't find any quality advice for free at that time, I started reading some books and experimenting on myself. Not the simplest way to do it but the only one I knew back then.

Meanwhile, I've done some other things with my life: I got a bachelor degree in computer science, I worked jobs in different fields during college, and I also started a small online business which went bankrupted.

My struggle for getting fit became harder once I joined the stable, adult part of life. I took a 9 to 5 job in a software company. Once I entered the corporate life, the everyday routine led me on the road to a sedentary lifestyle. I needed a long term solution for being fit that didn't involve a lot of my precious time every day!

The years of frustration and pain in finding the most efficient solution for losing weight and stay fit for good finally paid off. I got fit by the summer of 2009 and never gained one pound of fat back. Since then, the only things that changed are my fitness goals that I constantly set for myself, which helped me add some muscle mass while reducing my body fat even more. What's really cool is that now I can tune my body according to my desires and the resources that I'm willing to allocate, efficiently and time-effective.

I grew up in a modest family, in a small town from Romania. Even past the year 2000, Romania was not an easy place to get fit. There were very few fitness and nutrition professionals and internet access just started spreading around. There was also a small variety of healthy food available in the city's supermarkets. I'm not even mentioning the modern, fancy kitchenware that we now have in abundance.

The reason I told you this is because if I could get fit despite the lack of resources, apparel or tools that we now have at our discretion and spending the smallest amount of money in the process so can YOU get fit in a smart way. With a minimalistic approach, you will reach your goals, lead a more simplified life and be happy in the process.

Andy Fit
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I’m not a professional in nutrition & sports but I really think that if I could pull it off, anyone can. I remember looking at fit people and thinking that it's too hard for me... Although I believe that my personal experience gained in those years of trial & error experiments on myself, doubled by trustworthy information (the advantage of quality internet sources), made me understand many aspects of the battle for weight loss and getting fit.

The reason I started “FIT WITH ANDY” was that many of my friends saw my physical and mental shape & progress and started asking for my advice (including my girlfriend who has made a huge progress and is now very passionate about nutrition & fitness). I then remembered how disoriented I was at the beginning and realized how hard it is for a person to start making these changes. Even if information is at hand, you have to take it slowly and keep it simple. It's a lot of noise around us, especially in the last years of massive social media usage. Most of us live busy lives in different areas than sports & nutrition. So I started sharing advice on nutrition, workouts, and weight loss psychology which anyone can fit into their busy everyday life.

Finally, I ended up with the "FIT WITH ANDY" website, the YouTube channel and the social pages where you can follow me. On the blog section of this website, you'll find articles written from my personal experience that I hope will help and spear many of you from the torture of useless experiments that consume your time, money or even health.

Stay close,


*The system, data and figures presented in this post come from my own experience and do not offer any guarantee. If applied, results may vary from person to person.

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