How Failing To Lose Fat Gets You Fit

What the hell is with that title? – one might think. The ugly truth! – I respond. Let me tell you a little story:

When I was a teenager, my whole universe revolved around food. Not that I wanted to, but because that was the way I lived my childhood. Surrounded by unhealthy & processed food offered by a few loving members of my family who unwillingly transformed me in a fat and frustrated kid. So I said to myself – I need to get thin (didn’t know much about fitness at the time). So I did the simplest thing I knew –  I almost stopped eating. Only had one meal of around 500 calories / day. I dropped weight like crazy and I managed to stay thin the remaining 3 years until college. Of course the natural hormone boost that happens around that time in life helped me a lot at the time. Altrough I kept my meals at a minimum, luckily I didn’t get sick – which would have been very likely.



But then I got in college and FAILURE happened. Why? Because I didn’t actually improve my life. I just did a long experiment that was proned to fail from the beginning. I reached 230 pounds* (104 kg) and then I started a period of 3 years of multiple FAILURES in sports & nutrition. I tried so many diets and “shortcuts” that I got used to fail every time. I was no longer afraid of failing. The only thing missing to achieve my goal was quality information and a simple system to follow. I already built persistence…by failing so many times.

The fact that you have access to all the information in the world at a click of a button is also your enemy. Surfing in the sea of bullshit that the internet offers, it’s hard to judge quality from shit. And it takes a lot of time and practice. Especially if you’re a beginner, undecided and patience is not your friend. But once you find the right information and apply it in a system custom built on your life and schedule (let’s not forget, I’m talking about people who can’t afford to spend so much time for all of this, like me) everything pays off.

Six years ago I reached 165 pounds* (75 kg) and remained at that weight. The only thing that changed since then is the muscle mass to fat ratio. Could have I done it without failing? Unlikely. Can others do it without failing first? Too few to make a difference.



Andy Fit

My goal is not to save you from failing but to give you the correct information and a simple system to apply it for yourself, when the time comes…When you have built enough character from failing.


*The system, data and figures presented in this post come from my own experience and do not offer any guarantee. If applied, results may vary from person to person.

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  1. hi my name is kalice I am 16 years old and I am fat but my friends call me chubby they don’t want to hurt my feeling amd call me fat to my face I can under stand why ever sice I got into high school I been gaing wait like crazy. my body had taken over me I don’t like going out because all my cloths don’t fit me. so starting today I’m going to make a big change in my life of coure I cant tell my boyfriend what I’m doing because he likes me the way I am but I don’t I could really use some tips. I am scared to go to the gym because I feel like people are gonna judge me and I don’t have the mover for the gym either so I’m gonna work out from home while I am free. I weight over 300 pounds that’s what I think and look like so I am so lost of how to do this, at nights I go for walks that’s the only thing I can do without feeling down . can you please help me.?????

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