Salmon Medallion With Veggies

Simple Perfection – Salmon With Fresh Veggies

Ingredients: salmon medallion – 100g (3.5 oz) fresh veggies – 200g (7 oz) mixed raw seeds – 25g (0,9 oz) olive oil – 4 tb spoons lemon, fresh pepper, seasoning Recipe: Time: 25 minutes put aluminium foil in a baking pan and pre-heat the oven put 1 tb spoon of olive […]

Low carb meal

Low carb nutritious meal – No cooking!

Great nutritious meal high in healthy fats and protein with no cooking necessary! Ingredients: avocado – 1 medium piece – 100g (3.5 oz) mozzarella – 100g (3.5 oz) raw walnuts – 25g (0,9 oz) strawberries – 4-5 pieces honey (1 spoon) and cinnamon – as topping for avocado Recipe: Time: […]

Vegetarian Meal

Light Meal Without Meat

Great vegetarian meal high in protein. Ingredients: sesame WASA bread – 2 slices eggs – 2 big whey cheese –  150 g (5.3 oz) radish –  3 small cucumber – 1 small red pepper – 1 small Recipe: Time: 10 minutes Boil the eggs for 2:30 minutes and peel them […]

Blender Breakfast

Never Skip Breakfast

One of the most discussed topics related to nutrition is our everyday breakfast and the way we should have it for a healthy life. But what do we understand by breakfast? Breakfast is the meal that you eat right after you wake up. No matter if you wake up between […]


About Quick Diet Plans

I’m very annoyed when I hear people talking about qiuck and easy ways to lose weight or about how they discovered a new wonder diet. That’s because, when you say “diet” you’re referring to a weight-loss method stretched on a given amount of time and NOT to a way of eating. […]

Eating Staircase Fit

The Eating Staircase

Whenever I hear people talking about eating and their concerns related to this field I cannot stop thinking about my “Eating Staircase” theory. Each and everyone of us is situated more or less on a certain stair on the Eating Staircase (as sketched in the picture below). For me it […]


Guacamole With WASA Bread

Great vegan meal consisting of guacamole and WASA bread. Because of its balanced nutritional values (as seen below) it makes a great breakfast. It’s also great when consumed cold, straight out of the fridge (even after a few days). Ingredients: 3 slices of WASA bread – 33 g (1.15 oz) […]

Weight Loss Calendar

Your Weight Loss Calendar

You should get a calendar (like the one in the picture) that you can keep at your office or at home, however it’s more comfortable for you. On the calendar you will make easy notes that are tracking your evolution in a very easy way. For that you need 2 […]

Alcohol drinking

Alcohol Drinking Tips

I’m not the type of person that doesn’t drink alcohol. If you are, and you feel good about it, congats! You just gave up to a whole bunch of empty calories and headaches. Still, if you enjoy a drink once in a while or maybe even more than a few […]