5 Tips To Make Good Weight Loss New Year Resolutions

Are we already days into the new year? Yes. Should you care? No! The truth is that 10th of January is as good as 1st of January to apply “New Year resolutions”. And that’s what you’ll gonna do. But first, read below to make sure you do them right. New […]


Cheating On Weight Loss

As I hear this debate over and over again I thought it’s a good subject to be discussed. What is a “cheat” in terms of weight loss? A cheat is when you eat or drink something you’re not supposed to, as per the weight loss rules you decided for yourself. […]

How I Stay Fit

One of the biggest fitness misconceptions is about how hard you can keep your good shape after you get fit. I mean, this is one of the main goals of weight loss, isn’t it? I got fit in 2009 and I don’t think that I’m doing extraordinary efforts to stay […]


How To Lose Weight On Holiday

I just came back from a 3 weeks holiday in south-east Asia. It was an active holiday. I was independently planning the trip and also did some spontaneous change of plans when I considered it was worth spending more or less time in a pre-planned place. As this was  for me the […]


How To Start Your Weight Loss

INTRODUCTION I can understand your hesitation of reading yet another weight loss article. I’m sure you’re already in a situation where you’ve read countless articles on weight loss and you don’t expect much from reading this piece of text. On the other hand, maybe you do want to lose weight […]

healthy lunch

My Daily Eating Routine

Lots of you asked me how to deal with your meals away from home since most of us are not home for around 10 hours of a day. I’ll show you my daily eating routine and maybe I can also inspire you in organizing yours. From the start I tell […]

Healthy Dessert

The Best Healthy Dessert

This is, in my opinion,  the best dessert in the world. It’s so good that can even replace Nutella. In fact, I’d like to bottle it and sell it as the healthiest alternative to any sweet spreading like chocolate cream or jam. It’s filled with healthy fats, tastes really good […]

The Difference Between A Fitness Trainer And A Weight Loss Coach

People want to get fit easily by adopting one fat loss recipe after another. That’s a fact. What’s more convenient than turning to a diet that promises great results in pursuing your fitness goals? And the internet delivers. Big time! From free motivational sites & communities to paid online content […]

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Salmon Fillet With Rice & Veggies

Ingredients: salmon fillet – 200g (7 oz) frozen veggies – 200g (7 oz) olive oil – 2 tb spoons lemon, fresh pepper, seasoning Recipe: Time: 15 minutes put the salmon in a pre-heated non-stick frying pan and leave it between 5-10 minutes on one side and the same on the other […]

Why Most People On Diet Fail

There’s a very interesting experiment called the “Cake calories content”. The ideea is to have two similar groups of people currently on a diet invited to a cake tasting disguised as a taste buds experiment. The groups are in separate rooms and cannot see each other. The tasting object is […]

How Failing To Lose Fat Gets You Fit

What the hell is with that title? – one might think. The ugly truth! – I respond. Let me tell you a little story: When I was a teenager, my whole universe revolved around food. Not that I wanted to, but because that was the way I lived my childhood. […]

You Can’t Out-Exercise A Bad Diet

Unless you’re a professional athlete. Which you’re not. At least the vast moajority of us aren’t. Then why do people first think at exercising when they wanna get fit? Well, it’s a combination of factors deeply rooted in our social consciousness. The most important external factor is the association of […]