Alcohol Drinking Tips

I’m not the type of person that doesn’t drink alcohol. If you are, and you feel good about it, congats! You just gave up to a whole bunch of empty calories and headaches. Still, if you enjoy a drink once in a while or maybe even more than a few glasses, then here are 3 tips I found to be very efficient and reliable in my case:

1. Try not to mix alcohol with to much juice, syrup or sugar. Stick to simple drinks (wine, cognac, champagne, whiskey or simple cocktails) and instead mix them with water (plain or sparkling).

2. Drink one glass of water also, for each glass of alcohol that you drink. It will help you not to dehydrate so much and you’ll feel better the day after.

3. Don’t combine more types of drinks in one night and don’t refill your glass until it’s empty. It will help you to keep better track of how much you drink so you’ll know when to stop before pouring a shitload of alcohol in your body.

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